Two years of blogging

Do you know how inspiration strikes when you are not looking for it? Well, this is how it happened to me. For a few days I was beating my brains about not writing for a while. The truth is that these two past months were so hot that the only subject I could think of was the one about sun exposure. Don’t think that now, because it’s a rainy day I will write about rain exposure, or shadow exposure. Although they would be good subjects too. This time it will be about these two past years since I’ve started my blog.

Two years ago in September I agreed with myself that there are some things that I like to do: I like skin care (which means both study and practice since one without the other doesn’t work so good), I like to connect with people and talk to them about skin care and I like to write. Well now, I already had my business as a beautician, I have connected and talked to people for 8 years (at that time) now it was the time for writing. And there I was, happy and excited, opened up the wordpress platform and I created my blog.

The name has come plain and simple from “ideal skin”. But now there was absolutely necessary to write about something else but skin. Long story short, I had to write about me. This was not an easy quest. Every time I tried to write something I was either frozen or I was hearing all kinds of voices in my head (well not those who are asking for medication, the others that are supposed to help me but instead they are more confusing) that were telling me that “self-praise doesn’t smell good”. Eventually I convinced myself that it was not self-praise it was just an introduction. After all people had to know who I am and what I do, right? When the article was ready and the “Publish” button was pushed I felt like dying. What have I done? Is it anything that can be changed? Did I say too much? Too little? Now the whole world would see… me!

Do you know what happened? Nothing! I survived. Which gave me the courage to write another post and another one… but now I had another problem: I had no idea what my voice was!

You see, when I started to write, I approached the subjects gravely and somewhat scholastic using scientific terms. Only that shortly after some content was written it became obvious that this tone was not suitable neither for me nor for my readers who could not receive the message of the post. So, I had to try different styles in order to find the one that suits me and delivers the message to the readers.

This is how I have discovered that I am more of a “mad scientist” who prefers to walk off the beaten track and make all sorts of crazy experiments. At the same time it became clear to me that if I want to help people and make their lives better, so that I could be true to myself, well then I should have found my own place in this big world of skin care and beauty industry.

To tell you the truth when I find myself among cosmetic products and appliances I’m like a child into a candy bar and toy store all gathered in one place. I get excited and lose myself in all of their colors, textures, smells and… It would be fantastic if skin care would be all about this. But it is not. We are literally chasing results. And when it comes to complexion, the results have to be at least good. They need to be excellent! And those products do deliver such excellency! I’ve seen some creams yielding extraordinary results. But only on some types of skin. Not on mine. Mine is… different. As soon as a cream or even a cleansing solution is applied on it becomes red, itchy and it feels bad. So, having this on the back of my mind and considering many, many conversations that I’ve had during the years with hundreds of women, I found and assumed my place (which is pretty tough): 100% natural skin care. What does this mean? Well it means that in my skin care routines are used only fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, oils, dairy, super foods and where it is suitable I use essential oils.

As soon as the path was chosen, everything became natural and normal. This is how were written the articles about different masks.

I have tested on my own complexion all masks and all routines. First because I know how sensitive my complexion can become so if something is gonna hurt me, I know it is not good for the client. In the second place, I need to know what a client might feel when one of the products is applied on her complexion.

This is how during these two years of tests I’ve shocked and properly scared a good amount of people starting with the postman and finishing with God knows what unhappy person that happened to knock on my door. Probably they wanted to tell me something but, most of the times I forget that there is some slime on my face and… open the door. Poor unhappy people, have seen me tackling the most diverse colors from chocolate brown, tending to bright yellow and reaching a sallow green.

Well, it came out something good out of this though: when I meet some of my neighbours they start to laugh, and the others don’t knock on my door anymore. So, yes, in these two years of blogging I’ve managed to understand a few things about me, about how to do my job and business or how I want to write.

At a personal level I’ve grown up. I met a lot of new, beautiful people. All different and amazing. Some became my friends. Some didn’t. And since the existence has a two sided face, I must tell you that I’ve lost some people on the way. But life minds it’s own business and flows in it’s own beat. And I have to adapt.

I did a little of gymnastics (but not as much as I’ve wanted), meditated, walked a lot. This summer, searching for inspiration I’ve remembered some childhood evenings spent with my dad into the kitchen. He’d block the windows with a blanket, would turn on a red light and he’d proceed to make some magic: carefully working at a strange piece of machinery. From there he took out a piece of white paper which was dipped in some plastic tray full of water (or so I considered at that age). And then, I was watching holding my breath how on the wet piece of paper appeared the one and only image of… me! Absolutely MAGIC! Having this flashback in my head and my soul, I grabbed my phone and started to frantically take pictures of everything that caught my eye.

I chased the inspiration in vain all over this mysterious town. It found me when I was calm and could pay more attention to it instead of being consumed by the search.

I’ve grown professionally too. As I already said, I’ve made a lot of tests, ruined a lot of ingredients but did discover some new combinations. And this will go on because it makes me full of joy and well-being. And more than that my complexion looks better then ever.

I held work-shops, went to trade fairs, attended presentations of cosmetics, specialized, talked to specialists from various domains but related to skin care and beauty, sought new variants of treatment routines and new masks, and of course I did my job with joy, calm and patience. The treatments are going to be customized for every type of skin. But they will be designed in a special and unique way.

Even the blog has changed. Over the time all kind of ideas caught my attention. One of them was to take interviews. It seemed valuable so I kept it. Working with different people and asking questions was fun and productive. So, I’ll come back to this habit. As you’ve noticed some of the articles are translated. This is because I do have English speaking friends that I want to share my writing with. So, from now on, most of the content will be bilingual.

When I made this blog I designed it as a source of information for those who want to know more about the skin, cosmetic ingredients and skin care in general. What I want to say is that iskinblog is not a comercial one. I am not selling anything. I’m just offering you a free information that can change something into your lives.

I’m still thinking about starting an youtube channel but I can’t promise anything yet. If it happens, you’ll know it.

Perhaps the style and tone of the blog content will be different according to the subject or my mood. After all, honestly I write this blog for myself in the first place.

Here it comes again that moment when I have to push the dreaded “Publish” button. And yet is hard to believe that two years have passed since I’ve made this gesture for the first time.

Happy anniversary blog! Iskinblog!

P.S.: If you liked this article share it like something else. In the end, good things become better if you share them with your friends. This way you are helping both me and them. Thank you!



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