The untold story of a facial

Imagine there is a space where the time dissolves and disappears like a fog in the sparkling sun. The same space you entered when you were a child. Before that melancholic smile emerges on your beautiful face allow me to tell you one more thing: that space still exists and is accessible to you.

Where is it?  Well, this is a story that starts with… a SPA, a beauty parlor or even your house.

In that very moment when you meet your beautician, that my friend is the moment when the magic begins: the space transforms especially for you, according to your hopes and dreams. It becomes the space where you can honestly connect both with another human being and yourself. It is the space where you can witness small “sins” – maybe you don’t cleanse your face every night or morning, maybe you just can’t resist to pop that pimple or any other thing that you consider “a mistake” made to your skin – and you can do that without judgment or criticism. We all do these mistakes. Whether we are boys or girls, women or grown up men. It is good to understand them, to accept them as a part of our humanity and then, only then we can raise awareness around them and they will just stop. When you realize what you are about to do, and you analize that gesture, you will stop in the middle of it. I hope! Too many times we have blamed ourselves for theese gestures. Too many times we have heard others blaming us. So, to find a space where you can go and say: “Well, you know, I did pop a pimple last week. Look, there’s the scar!” and receive a smile and a solution to your problem, well this is going to lift a little weight from your already tired shoulders.

Have you relaxed already a little bit at least? Good. Now imagine that in this space it is allowed to you to lay on a bed and just… surrender. Somebody else is going to take care of your complexion for a while. And now, the magic begins…. From the first touch to the last, the beautician is going to tell the story of your complexion using only gestures. Sometimes she will use words too.

The cleansing is going to tell you the story of your pains that you carry on your face not being aware of them. Maybe your eyebrows are sore and you wonder why. You frown too much? Possible. Is it from the sun, is it from your poor sight, is it from too many sorrows? Or maybe your jaw is too tight, or your lips. The beautician doesn’t know the causes, just detects the effects and later will know how to relax all those muscles.


Then, it is possible that you will receive a warm sauna for the face (I don’t know the procedures in other countries but in Romania the sauna face is still in use). When I was a child, there was a woman singer who sang: “Water and fire/Sky in between/Stop this moment for a while”. Well, in this case, the sky is you and the moment really stops. The thoughts stray, they run like crazy, everywhere and anywhere and you, you remain there at rest, between water and fire. You become the clean, bright, blue sky.

But, in order to keep the balance of life, your queitness will be disturbed. Those pimples and comedones have to go away. Already calm and quiet, you are not afraid of this operation anymore. Then you will meet something amazing; one of the Nicola Tesla inventions: the ellectroderm. Small thunder strokes will discharge under a galss dome and they will unnoticeable touch your face. Have you ever seen a summer storm without thunders? In this magic space you can be “thunderstruck” and left unharmed. And the smell of fresh ionized air invades your lungs. All was cleand by the water and fire and you remained the same blue, shiny undisturbed sky.


Maybe in the background you can hear some piece of music ar maybe not. Your world can be invaded by the scent of an essential oil, whatever you like best. It is the moment of the face massage. The only moment when you have the opportunity to meet your best friend, that will be with you till the very end: yourself! If you follow with your mind each and every movement of the beautician’s hands on your face, neck and decollete, the effects will be improved. But if you relax in such a manner that you fall asleep, it is even better. However you are safe and quiet. You are only sky!

The mask that comes after the massage will only prolong the moments of peace. And this saved energy will return, flush all over your being and regenerate you. Maybe now your beautician will choose to let you just rest or she will offer you a well deserved massage for the arms. Whatever it will be, these are the moments when your complexion and your entire body regenerate and recharge.

And this is how you’ve come so far, just at the end of the treatment, when the final face cream will be applied. It is, if you want, your wake-up call. The moment to leave the bed and get back to your daily routines. Only that, if you pay attention to yourself, you will realise that something has changed… But this is a story that it is worth to be told by you!

See you soon!


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