Interview with Andu Guinea

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Beauty means a lot more than a daily routine or going to your beautycian every month. These are necessary steps in keeping our health and good looks but they can and will be enhanced by a healty diet and a gym routine.

My approach of skin care is more towards Traditional Chinese Medicine altough I keep an eye on the western science too. This interest of mine for Eastern cultures led me to meet Andu Guinea.

To cut a long story short, I will tell you that he is a physical therapist, he is studying the non-invasive methods of maintaining health for more than 25 years and he created a system adapted to the 21st Century, which he named TongShu. But, let’s hear Andu’s story about the harmony at all levels.

Hi Andu! Can you tell us a few words about the way that you’ve chosen and why?

Hi Adriana! I could say without being wrong that the way has been choosing me (he laughs). The poor health that I had in my childhood pushed me to less orthodox solutions. I’ve added to classical medicine yoga or qigong and after that youga and qigong!

What is TongShu? When did it came to life and what determined you to create a new practice?

Tongshu is the old System for Keeping and Keeping Health , which has been “rebranded”. I really don’t know when did it come to life – I’ve noticed it when it was already pretty big and it was demanding my attention.

Tong means toghether – it designates that moment when all the elements of a system work together without too many tensions. This state can be called Harmony.

Shu means art or method. Hence the name can be translated: Harmonie’s Techniques.

I didn’t really mean to create a new discipline, but once it was invented it demonstrated that has a lot of benefits. Mankind ancient techniques were now arranged into a form more accessible to modern man. Their adaptation lies in complexity on one hand and on the other by the mode of action. (For example, “the ten thousand repetition of a technique” has been reduced to three, or a maximum of 6 repetitions – that was appreciated by those who didn’t want to give up on their social life). I’ve made the setting by keeping in mind the modern physiotherapy fundamentals – e.g. an articulation that can move in three plans has exercises for each direction.

How is TongShu different from other disciplines?

The biggest difference between TongShu and other disciplines is the non-invasive approach. The body, for example, is not “something” that has to be put to sweat, to loose calories, to loose weight, to be reshaped, to jump up and down till it drops dead. The body is us and we pay attention to introduce the changes gradually. The differences are hard to be seen one day from another but in time can be observed real qualitative and stable changes.

How does the skin benefit from this kind of sport?

I think that the first benefit comes from the lack of aggression towards the skin. As far as we do not sweat, we can practice TongShu even if we do suffer from skin diseases – as acne for example. And thanks to the repeated stretching and compression, particular to our exercises, we are helping the skin to keep its elasticity and tonicity.

Who can practice this type of sport?

There are no age limits, but if one has diseases that could be negatively influenced by movement, one should ask a doctor’s advice.

Where can we find you?

On line, on my personal facebook account and on the facebook page dedicated to The Way of Harmony and also on my site:

If you are in Bucharest, Romania you can come and put to a test this practice every Thursday from 6 PM at Centrul Shakti, which is near Gradina Icoanei Garden, at Cristofor Columb, 3.


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